I spent most of my life in the airline and travel industry all over the world before I retired in Canberra, the capital of Australia.

I have just finished my first book, Your Friendly Alien which is now available.
I am sure that most readers will appreciate the re-writing of history as we know it.
This novel takes us back to Africa 70.000 years ago, the building of the Pyramids, the child G from planet SUZ, the truth about the statues on Easter Island and finally the extermination of jihadists in the Middle East and Europe.

Here you will find answer to many important questions;

Are we dead when we die ?
How were the Pyramids built ?
Who was the child G from planet SUZ ?
What is the secret behind the Easter Island statues ?
What is the main reason for climate change ?
Meet the Mulchers and the Converters


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