Your Friendly Alien

This is the title of my book which is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Originally I had only written a short story about the child G from the planet SUZ. However I got inspired from the quote below and extended my writing to include important moments in Earth’s history.

” There are no random forces, nobody can believe that Earth just happened to beat any odds to come into being.”

Magnus Computatrum is the administrator for the Milky Way and takes his orders from the  Creation team in Universe One.

His main function is to oversee the Soul Transfer Station where the souls from Earth is forwarded to suitable planets.

Are you dead when you die ?

What we can tell you now is this. When you die there is a 2.37 minute period for your soul to prepare for transfer to SUZ. You are all pre-programmed for this but we gave you a period of “grace” as there is always a chance of resuscitation. Some people come back to life and talk about meeting family etc. You believe what you believe. It would not be in their interest to see the path leading to SUZ, a clear shining roadway leading through Universe to their transfer station.

Obviously not, otherwise there would be no need for a Soul Transfer Station.

How and by whom were the pyramids in Egypt built ? You will find the answer in the book.

What is the secret of the statues on Easter Island ?

Is there a solution to the jihadists in Syria and Iraq and can terrorism in Europe and the rest of the world stop.

Sure can.  Read the book !Hans your friendly alien


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