Min Min Station

This is my latest book.

Let me give you a taste…


Everything happens for a reason, nothing lasts forever. Welcome to life, where anything goes.


Here I am, sitting on the verandah, with the gun on my lap, and a bullet in the breach.

It is a dry lifeless world out there where once was lush green pastures. The hot dry winds from inland Central Australia are endless

Once, not so many years ago, I had six thousand head of cattle on my 3000 square kilometres of scrub, sand dunes and savannah in the Australian Outback. Then came the  “Big Dry” – the worst drought in a century – which has exhausted the land, forcing the herd to be cut down to less than a 600 and of those 100 went to the abattoir last week. The remaining herd has been impounded by the bank.

So now it’s only me and my gun, with a bullet in the breach.

 I normally employ around 20 staff but they are all gone now. Gone to look for jobs elsewhere, but I think they will find it hard to work on the land as long as the drought remains.

We’ve had five years of below average rainfall, and the two last years have been particularly savage.

It helps with a little bit of madness to raise thousands of high-quality beef cattle in an area like this but, when the rains do arrive, the land springs to life. It is an unbelievable sight to see the arid plains carpeted with grass and wildflowers.

 This country responds dramatically to rainfall. We only need a few inches, and we’re laughing.

Not too much laughing lately. I sit here on the verandah, with the gun on my lap, and a bullet in the breach. It is a sad day, in a sad month, in a sad year.

It will come back to life eventually. No drought lasts forever I keep telling myself, but now it’s too late.


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